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I would like to do a quick bit of an introduction as I feel it is necessary.

1. Are you completely new to DeviantArt?
    No.  When I was in High School, I got my very first DeviantArt account.  If you plan on blackmailing me later in life, it was SilverNiteWolf.

2. Why did you leave the old account?
    Senior year came a long and I became very busy.  A few months in and I finally remembered to log back in but I had so many notifications, I decided to leave.  I have thought about returning but haven't had the time.

3. What will you be doing here?
    My ultimate plan for this is to keep it semi-professional and, hopefully, pick up jobs for extra money.  You're talking you a starving college artist/student. ;D

4. What are you college plans like?
    As of right now I am on my last semester at a Butler Community College and will graduate with a Bachelor's in Visual Arts.  Trust me, I never wanted to attend a JuCo, but life happens.

5. What are you doing after JuCo?
    I will be moving to Texas in May of 2016 to attend the University of Texas at Dallas.  This is where I have been trying to go for a couple of years but making arrangements for living have been the issue.  I'm more than excited to continue my college career down there!  GO COMETS!!!!

6. What do you want to do for a career?
    The ultimate goal is to become a concept artist for either movies or video games.  Right now, I'm not picky. I used to concept characters alllll the time when I was younger, and I still love to every now and then.

7. What type of art do you do now?
    Because of school, it has mainly been traditional artworks (charcoal/pencil drawings and paintings).   On my free time, I still like to get in photoshop and doodle about.  I have just started playing in PaintTool SAI and actually just got ZBrush as well!  I have also been trying my hand in photography.  I just recently bought a Nikon D3300!  It is AMAZING!!!

8. Tell us some more about yourself.
    Currently I'm 20 and living at home (don't let people tell you that's a bad thing, IT'S FREE!).  I've been in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend for approximately a year and a half by now.  He will actually be moving with me to Dallas where we will get an apartment together.  We actually make phone games/video games together.  If we ever make something that, to him, is worthwhile, I will most definitely tell ya'll about it!  We've tried a couple of Game Jams but the categories are never in our favor, so we drop out.  I used to be a lifeguard for about four years when my drawing instructor presented me with an internship opportunity.  I have been a Graphic Design intern since September 2015 (it is now March 2016).  I'm an animal lover!  My family has 1 dog and 2 cats (1 specifically mine).  I owned a horse for a few months but, being a college student, I quickly ran out of money and had to sell her. :(  Horses are the best pets in my opinion... It actually might be a tie between them and dogs...  My favorite animal is the beautiful wolf!  So majestic!  I also love the color blue (hence the avatar)

I really hope to keep this up to date because I have heard very good things about working through here.

Ask me what you want and I may answer them ;)

For now, thank you for stopping by and I hope to entertain you guys later with art!

I do have social medias as well:

I do apologize since neither my Tymblr nor my website have anything on them.  They are a work in progress.




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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
-Age: 20
-Gender: Female
-Relationship Status: Taken <3
-Education Level: About to acquire my Bachelor's in Visual Arts
-Type of Art: Charcoal, Pencil, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Digital Illustrations, Photography.
-Currently Learning: Digital Painting and ZBrush
-Career Goals: Concept Artist
-Current Job: Graphic Design Intern


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JoeyStone Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Hey, Sam. Hope everythings going well for you down in TX. Thanks for the watch, I'll be watching you too!